Founded: 1998.

Fan Club Blue Lions was founded in memory and honor of Ion Oblemenco.

Legal personality of May 13, 1999, the first fan club in Romania registered legal.

Many public figures are part of the fan club.

Most members of the group are in Bucharest, Craiova and Caracal. Also, there are members in Alba-Iulia, Vulcan – Jiu Valley, Botosani, Sebes – Alba, Cluj-Napoca, Turnu-Severin, Ramnicu-Valcea, Ploiesti, Sibiu, Slatina, Targu-Jiu, Timisoara, England – London, Chile – Santiago Chile, Finland – Helsinki, South Africa – Capetown, Canada – Calgary, USA – Houston.


Participation in all matches University of Craiova, irrespective of their fixture.

Bringing at the stadium „Ion Oblemenco” to match Universitatea Craiova-FC Brasov 1-0 in the league 1999-2000 a lion called Simba, the club mascot.

Presence on the television known show 12.06.2000 „Question of the Day” with Florin Calinescu.

Recurrence with the lion Simba on 13.10.2000 in the same television show.

Installing the tomb of Ion Oblemenco a commemorative plaque.

Making the cross of Petre Deselnicu, of white marble and inscribed in blue.

Arranging the grave of Constantin Otet, of marmble, in white and blue.

Subscription year since 1999, at the most famous magazine of supporters in Italy, „Supertifo”.


Supporting all the former glories of University of Craiova now living at subsistence.

Instead of the Romanian Coat of Arms of the tribune of the second to be painted logo University of Craiova.

A memorial football at juvenile, held annually and named after the most beloved ”oltean” player of all time, Ion Oblemenco.

From a lawn to another, across the tribune of the second, to be written on the stadium seats „Craiova” or „Stiinta”, like on the major Western stadiums.

The first statue of Nelu Oblemenco, currently located at Podari, to be brought back in the yard stadium. Since 2005 we fight to bring back the first statue of the „Gunner” in the front of the stadium, where it was and it belongs.

The naming of streets named after the great glories of Craiova: Oblemenco (The avenue leading from Unirii to the Stadium), Strambeanu, Otet, Franculescu, Crisan, Cristi Neamtu, Deselnicu, Domozina.

Mr. Mayor and gentlemen councilors, have the power to do something for supporters of University of Craiova. Realizing our proposals go in the city’s history and remain forever in our hearts.

All „oltenii” are born supporters of University of Craiova!